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Required Conduct

Members of the University Community

Any member of the university community who has personal knowledge relating to an alleged violation of this policy has a responsibility to report the alleged violation to the Office of Academic Honesty. Required conduct includes, but is not limited to, participating in a discussion with the student believed to have violated the policy and truthfully answering questions from and providing documentation to an Academic Honesty Panel.


This policy provides the exclusive procedure for handling matters related to student academic dishonesty at the University of Georgia. Instructors have a responsibility to report alleged violations within fifteen (15) days of discovering the possible violation.

Instructors must take reasonable steps to inform students of academic honesty expectations. Additionally, each instructor must take reasonable steps to foster a climate of academic honesty. The failure of an instructor to do so is not a defense for students accused of academic dishonesty as students are expected to know and follow this policy.


By enrolling in courses at the university, students agree to be bound by the academic honesty policy. Every student has an obligation to know the policy.  Lack of knowledge regarding the policy is not an acceptable response to an allegation of academic dishonesty.

Related Faculty and Staff Conduct Policies

Any discipline of a member of the university community other than a student for academic dishonesty shall proceed under policies applicable to faculty and staff conduct.

The Bottom Line:  We are all responsible for the academic integrity of UGA. Everyone has a role to play in  upholding integrity. And remember, when you applied to UGA, you promised to be honest!