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How to Serve as a Remediation Faculty Representative



UGA instructors who are interested in academic integrity and restorative justice can serve as Remediation Faculty Representatives during Remediation Program group meetings. In these meetings, they will represent the UGA faculty and instructors as a party that was harmed by academic misconduct (alongside a Remediation Peer Educator who who will represent the student body as a harmed party).

Remediation group meetings serve the purpose of bringing together students who have caused harm to the academic community by committing academic misconduct and the parties that have been harmed by their actions. All attendees will talk about the events that occurred, the reasons these events occurred, ways to repair the harm done, and personal development for remediation students. 

Remediation Faculty Representatives need to be able to listen carefully, put themselves in the shoes of students, and support remediation students by giving helpful advice on how to make amends to the academic community and rebuild trust. They need to be trustworthy, supportive, non-judgmental, and have a deep interest in helping students learn from mistakes.

Remediation Faculty Representatives should expect a time commitment of up to 5 hours per month.

If you are interested in becoming a Remediation Faculty Representatives, please contact the Office of Academic Honesty at We are looking forward to working with you!