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For Students

You may be wondering how transitioning to online classes will impact you. As the University of Georgia transitions to online courses, here are some tips for students, to help you stay honest:


Tip 1: Discuss Academic Honesty with your instructors

  • Know the expectations for each assignment before the assignment is due, and if you don’t know - email your instructor!
  • For any other assignment, check to see what counts as honest work in the rubric
  • Communicate any concerns you have through e-mail or eLC


Tip 2: Protect your work

  • Do not post your work in any online forums, websites, or group conversations without explicit permission from your instructors
  • Do not give away your eLC log-in information to any outside parties
  • Double check your work before submitting, is this your rough draft? Make sure the work you submit is the work you intend to submit
  • Do you know what resources are available? Check out the Division of Academic Enhancement or the UGA Library!


Tip 3: Consider a personal integrity pledge

  • Certify that any work you submit is your own


Tip 4: Have some patience

  • Some instructors may have difficulty transitioning to online learning environments. Please offer your instructors grace as they adjust to an online classroom.
  • If you are struggling to connect to a resource and need help verifying your circumstances, you may wish to connect to Student Care & Outreach.


Tip 5: Report any suspected violations to your instructor

 “A Culture of Honesty Earns a Degree of Respect” - every degree conferred by the University of Georgia should be attained through honest efforts. Even in trying times, your peers are accountable for their actions. If you suspect a violation, please let your instructor know so that they may report to the Office of Academic Honesty.