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Student Honor Code

"I will be academically honest in all of my academic work and will not tolerate academic dishonesty of others."


Take the Pledge

Events & Announcements

Academic Integrity Week is October 19 - 23!

Monday: Academic Honesty Pledge  Drive!

Click on the Take the Pledge link on our website! Select pledges will win a door prize and several will be featured online.

Tuesday:  In Kahoots for Academic Integrity Week!

This will be an hour-long interactive presentation with student panelists of the Office of Academic Honesty in which people will discuss the application of policies and how they affect student life. There will be an opportunity to play a Kahoot and win prizes for those who finish in the top three (Domino's Dinner for first place) or win a door prize. Use the Zoom link here to play!

Wednesday: International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating at UGA #myownwork

The Academic Honesty Council is excited to present on what contract cheating is and how to avoid it. The presentation will be held via Zoom. At the beginning, a short PowerPoint presentation will be held, followed by a Kahoot. Participants will have an opportunity to win a CFA meal delivered to them and swag bags.

Thursday & Friday: Honest "Zoombombing"

Catch a video of how to keep it honest on your upcoming exams and papers! See it, share it, and keep your promise to be academically honest.

Academic Honesty Online
Check out our new page for students and instructors as you continue to use the hybrid course model through the spring 2021 semester.  If you have any questions, please e-mail This is a challenging time for all of our students, but we know you can #excelwithintegrity!