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My Personal Integrity Pledge

Pillars of Academic Integrity[1]

  Honesty: "Academic communities of integrity advance the quest for truth and knowledge through intellectual and personal honesty in learning, teaching, research, and service."
  Trust: "Academic communities of integrity both foster and rely upon climates of mutual trust. Climates of trust encourage and support the free exchange of ideas which in turn allows scholarly inquiry to reach its fullest potential."
  Fairness: "Academic communities of integrity establish clear and transparent expectations, standards, and practices to support fairness in the interactions of students, faculty, and administrators."
  Respect: "Academic communities of integrity value the interactive, cooperative, participatory nature of learning. They honor, value, and consider diverse opinions and ideas."
  Responsibility: "Academic communities of integrity rest upon foundations of personal accountability coupled with the willingness of individuals and groups to lead by example, uphold mutually agreed-upon standards, and take action when they encounter wrongdoing."
  Courage: "To develop and sustaining communities of integrity, it takes more than simply believing in the fundamental values. Translating the values from talking points into action - standing up for them in the face of pressure and adversity - requires determination, commitment, and courage."


Honesty & Trust: I will be honest in all of my academic work and will trust other students to do the same by...

  • Turning in original work to my instructors on all assignments
  • Not allowing other students to see my work unless it is approved by the instructor
  • Admitting when I need help and using assistance from resources that are authorized by my instructor
  • Not posting graded materials on websites that undermine future courses

Fairness & Respect: I will be fair to the University community and respect the honor code at the University of Georgia by...

  • Considering how my actions may impact others
  • Acknowledging my mistakes in a forthright and timely manner when they do occur
  • Committing myself to self-growth and developing ethical leadership skills

Responsibility & Courage: I acknowledge that the honor code is my responsibility and will act with courage by...

  • Standing strong in the face of pressure by my peers
  • Discussion, with my instructor, when something does not appear to be honest
  • Knowing that the value of my degree is determined by the integrity of myself and others


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[1] Fishman, T., ed. The Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity. Publication. International Center for Academic Integrity: University of Clemson. 2013. Accessed August 15, 2019. (PDF). The Six Pillars are taken word for word from the publication, and the pledge questions are an adapted version of these questions by the Office of Academic Honesty.