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Frequently Asked Questions


What should be included in your letter of appeal?

Clearly explain the appeal – there is no prescribed form, so letters can be 2 paragraphs or 10 pages – but it is important to provide:

  • Well-written letter containing relevant information and documentation.
  • Include your full name, UGA ID number, mailing address, UGA e-mail address, and phone number.
  • State the matter being appealed in the first sentence.

IMPORTANT: We cannot give results by phone or fax. All decision letters will be sent by UGA email unless a student requests to pick up a copy instead.

What should I include as a supporting document?

Every case is unique and there is no one type of documentation that guarantees a successful appeal. Any claim you make in your letter should have documentation verifying that claim. Examples of supporting documentation include, but are not limited to: letters from healthcare providers, court documentation, birth/death certificates, email correspondence, and other personal records. 

How should you submit the letter of appeal?

Students may file an appeal online hereIf you are submitting an academic appeal to be reviewed by the Educational Affairs Petitions Subcommittee, please select UGA Student on the drop box, then fill out the appropriate boxes. Incomplete appeals will not be filed. 

If you have a question regarding the status of your appeal, please e-mail

IMPORTANT: The letter must be RECEIVED in our office (not postmarked) by the deadline! 

Are you expected to attend the Subcommittee meeting?

Sometimes students are more comfortable providing sensitive information in person, rather than in writing. If this is the case, you must request to meet with the Subcommittee members in your letter of appeal. You will be provided with an appointment time and 15 minutes to meet with the Petitions Subcommittee.

IMPORTANT: Parents, friends, attorneys, etc. are not allowed to meet with the Subcommittee members. 

If you wish to attend the meeting, what are the Petitions Subcommittee meetings like?

The meeting will be audio-recorded. The Subcommittee members (3) will introduce themselves. You will be allowed approximately 15 minutes to explain your appeal. You should assume that the Subcommittee has already reviewed the letter of appeal and all documentation related to the matter. They may have questions. Decisions are not made during the meeting. 

The hearing procedures are determined by Academic Appeals Policy Section 4.05-02.

I missed the deadline – can someone make an exception?

We do not make exceptions. The meeting dates and deadlines are set at the beginning of each academic year. Each Subcommittee meeting has a full agenda and limited time.

I know it's past the deadline, but I need a decision right now.

The Petitions Subcommittee meeting dates and deadlines are set at the beginning of each year. No exceptions may be made.  

Why is the deadline so far in advance of the meeting?

Our office must have time to prepare your appeal, obtain a recommendation from your Dean’s office, and deliver your appeal to the Petitions Subcommittee in time for them to review it prior to the meeting.

I just found out I am on second dismissal – what should I expect? 

Yes, the University’s policy on Second Academic Dismissal is that you must remain out of school for an entire calendar year. Early readmission is extremely rare. At the very least, you should expect to remain out of school one semester.

Besides submitting my petition for readmission, is there anything else I should do?

If you have been out of UGA for an entire year, you must submit another application in Athena. More information can be found here. It might also be helpful for you to make an appointment with your academic advisor.

Who reviews my appeal and how can I communicate with them?

Your appeal is reviewed by a Petitions Subcommittee made up of 3 faculty members. They are appointed by the Educational Affairs Committee from its membership.  All communication to your subcommittee should be sent to

Is there an option for an in-person meeting?

If you are more comfortable providing some information in person instead of a letter, you should request to meet with the Petitions Subcommittee by including this request in your appeal.

If you meet with the Petitions Subcommittee in person, individuals included in your appeal (like faculty members) will be given the opportunity to attend as well.

You are not allowed to bring your parents, attorney, friends, etc. to this meeting.

The Petitions Subcommittee will review all of your appeal materials before an in-person meeting. You will be given approximately 15 minutes to further explain the appeal and allow subcommittee members to ask you questions. University policy requires that these meetings be audio recorded. The hearing procedures are determined by Academic Appeals Policy Section 4.05-02.

When should I submit my appeal?

The Petitions Subcommittee meets several times a year. You must submit your appeal before the deadlines for each meeting in order to be on that meeting's agenda. The schedule of meetings and deadlines may be found here.

You must submit a grade appeal within one calendar year of the appealed semester, otherwise, submit your appeal once you have gathered all the necessary documentation.
In some cases, there may be a denial letter/email from your academic dean. That message will include an appeal deadline specific to your request.

What if my appeal contains information about a sexual assault?

If information about sexual misconduct is included in the reason for your appeal, please know that the appeal committee is required to report that information to the Equal Opportunity Office's Title IX Coordinator, per the Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972. The Title IX Coordinator may be required by law to initiate an investigation after receiving this information.