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Waivers of University Requirements


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The University Bulletin includes the following statement in its “General Academic Regulations and Information”: “Students are expected to be full participants in academic advising and thus to be both prepared and engaged in the advising experience. The academic landscape changes constantly, and although advisors can provide advice, each student is ultimately responsible for knowing and understanding the degree requirements and policies related to his/her own academic progress.”

The Petitions Subcommittee is responsible for appeals asking for an exception to a university rule or policy.

IMPORTANT: Petitions based on a lack of knowledge of university requirements are rarely successful.

Advisor Error

Appeals of university requirements are often based on the claim of an error by an academic advisor. Since students are responsible for knowing and understanding the degree requirements and policies related to their own academic programs, these appeals are rarely successful.

In the case an advisor provides egregiously incorrect information, the appeal must include a letter from the advisor detailing the circumstances of the mistakes in advising and why the student could not have been aware of the requirements and policies.

Course Deletions

The deletion of a course from a student’s transcript is only allowed in the case of university error. Any petition for a course deletion must include documentation that the university was in error in including a course or failing to remove a course from a transcript.

Board of Regents Requirements

There are some appeals that cannot be adjudicated by the Educational Affairs Committee. These are appeals related to Board of Regents requirements, such as the 120-hour requirement for graduation. The bulletin states: "A baccalaureate degree must contain a minimum of 120 semester hours. Baccalaureate degree programs also have a maximum of 120 semester hours (exclusive of physical education hours). Exceptions to the maximum degree length requirements may be made only with approval of the Board of Regents."

Additional Board of Regents requirements include: 39 hours of upper division credits, 21 hours of major credits, and the United States and Georgia History and Constitutions credit.