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"I will be academically honest in all of my academic work and will not tolerate academic dishonesty of others." - UGA Student Honor Code

Each University of Georgia instructor has a responsibility to report to the Office of the Vice President for Instruction if he/she believes a student may have violated the university’s academic honesty policy. Students who have knowledge of dishonesty should report the matter to the instructor responsible for the course and provide him/her with a signed and dated written description of the matter.

The Director will notify the student by e-mail when the report has been filed. The person who reports the matter will be copied on the notification. The notification will specify the course in which the possible violation may have occurred and explain the process of the Facilitated Discussion which must follow. The student and the instructor should refrain from discussing the matter until a facilitator is available to meet with both of you.

The Office of the Vice President will assign a trained facilitator to assist the instructor and student in an educational discussion about the assignment(s) in question. If both the instructor and student agree that dishonesty was involved, both will discuss appropriate sanctions for the violation. The goal of the Facilitated Discussion is a mutually agreeable resolution. 

If the student and instructor are unable to reach an agreement about the violation or sanction, the matter will move forward to a Continued Discussion with an Academic Honesty Panel. At this level, the Panel will determine the outcome of the matter.  

The student and instructor may each have one advisor present at the meeting. The advisors may not address the panel or other parties in attendance. In addition, a Continued Discussion will not be scheduled or postponed based on an advisor’s schedule.  While an advisor can be any “individual who assists an instructor or student in preparing for a Continued Discussion or a meeting with the Multiple Violations Review Board,” members of the University Judiciary have agreed to be available as an advisor to students who request assistance in preparing for a Continued Discussion or for a meeting with the Multiple Violations Review Board.  Please contact our office if you are requesting an advisor from University Judiciary.

Students should read the full academic honesty policy, A Culture of Honesty and review the UGA Facilitated Discussion Model (PDF) and Facilitated Discussion Agreement (PDF) before the Facilitated Discussion. Questions about the policy and procedures should be directed to the Coordinator at (706) 542-4336 or by e-mail at:


Our experienced writing instructors work individually with students to assist with matters such as paraphrasing, incorporating citations, and understanding how and when to cite. We also help with other issues such as grammar, word choice, and building a convincing argument. Students should bring the paper they are working on to their appointment and can make up to two appointments per week by visiting Appointments can be made by calling 706-542-7575.

DAE Home Page

The Disability Resource Center coordinates and provides a variety of academic and support services to student with disabilities. The types of disabilities commonly found among college students are both hidden and visible, such as chronic illness, anxiety, learning disabilities, and mobility impairments. If you are not sure if you qualify for services, just stop by the office or call the Disability Resource Center to speak with a Coordinator: 114 Clark Howell Hall and our number is 706-542-8719.

DRC Home Page

We provide one-on-one writing consultation for UGA students of all levels and disciplines. We encourage students to set their own goals for appointments, and our consultants help students work toward those goals in a collaborative, instructive, comfortable atmosphere. Students should bring a piece of writing they are currently working on. Undergraduate students can make one thirty minute appointment per week, and graduate students can make one hour-long appointment per week below:

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The ASPIRE Clinic is a unique resource that provides holistic counseling and education services to UGA and the Athens community. We offer an array of services that include individual, couple, and family therapy; financial counseling and education; home environment and design; nutrition counseling and education; and legal problem solving. For an appointment or for more information about the ASPIRE Clinic, please call 706-542-4486 or email us at


Health educators work in partnership with the clinician staff to help students learn about self-care and healthy lifestyles. By making an appointment with one of the health educators, you can talk to them about STIs, contraception, alcohol and other drugs, acquaintance rape issues, eating disorders, body image, nutrition, cholesterol and vegetarian eating. Contact Health Promotion at 706-542-8690.

Health Promotion

CAPS offers short-term individual, group, and couples therapy, psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring, psychological assessment, and makes referrals to campus and community resources when appropriate. CAPS is dedicated to offering services while having respect for others, a deep appreciation for diversity, and compassion for the people we serve. Contact us at 706-542-2273.


Librarians offer one-on-one consultations with students who are writing or re-writing research papers or projects. We can help students find appropriate research sources, avoid plagiarism and properly cite their work. Please send requests to Elliott Kuecker: or 706-542-6708, and he will forward them to the appropriate librarian subject specialist.

UGA Librarians

Some schools, programs, companies, and organizations require applicants to submit a Dean’s Certification, which verifies a student’s records. Four offices are involved in the certification process at the University of Georgia. The Office of the Registrar reports the enrollment verification and academic standing of the student, the Vice President for Instruction reports any violations of the University’s academic honesty policy, the Equal Opportunity Office reports on any violations of NDAH policies, and the Office of Student Conduct reports on any violations of the Code of Conduct. The Dean’s Certification process may be initiated by following the link.

Dean's Certification

The UGA Libraries provide resources and services to assist you in citing materials for your papers and projects. Click the button below for more information.

Citation Help

The UGA Libraries provide resources and services to assist you in citing materials for your papers and projects. Click the button below for more information.

Plagiarism LibGuide

Guides created by UGA librarians to help you find the best resources for your research! Click the button below for more information.

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