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Appeal Letter Template

The text below can serve as a template for students writing their appeal letter.
Student’s Full Name
Student ID #
UGA Email Address
Phone Number
Street Address
City, State and Zip Code
Educational Affairs Committee
Office of the Vice President for Instruction
Student Academic Services
University of Georgia
102 Memorial Hall
Athens, GA 30602

To whom it may concern:

First paragraph: clearly explain the semester(s) and/or class(es) for which you are appealing. Be as specific as possible. You may consider adding the course registration number (CRN) or number of hours in the course. If you are appealing for a retroactive hardship withdrawal, you must include the date that you last attended class during the semester in which you were experiencing a hardship.

Second paragraph/section: write out the reasons for the withdrawal, grade change, or other request. Include any relevant medical information (physical health and/or mental health). Include any information about a personal hardship.

Third paragraph/section: describe any supporting documents you are including with your appeal. Include any and all related documentation as pdf attachments, or drop them off to our office or email them along with your appeal letter. 

Conclusion: add any final remarks you would like the Petitions Subcommittee to consider. IF you would like an in-person meeting with the Petitions Subcommittee, you need to explicitly state your request.



UGA Student Name



Instructions for a letter of appeal:

  • Write out the appeal letter according to the attached template. You must write and sign the letter yourself: no one else can prepare your appeal on your behalf.
  • Include any documents that support your appeal. These could be medical/mental health records, a letter from your healthcare provider, or any evidence of a personal hardship (like a death certificate of a loved one).
  • Submit your appeal and supporting documents online hereIf you are submitting an academic appeal to be reviewed by the Educational Affairs Petitions Subcommittee, please select UGA Student on the drop box, then fill out the appropriate boxes. Incomplete appeals will not be filed. 
  • If you have a question regarding the status of your appeal, please e-mail