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Enroll your Students 

Want to re-engage with your students about integrity in your course? Academic integrity means more than simply preventing cheating. You can incorporate a stand-alone eLC course on Academic Honesty at UGA into your syllabus. Course includes:

  • An introduction and pre-assessment
  • Three modules (plagiarism, unauthorized assistance and theft, and lying/tampering) and each module includes a short video with Kaltura in-video quizzing
  • Concludes with a final assessment and reflection
  • Connects students with campus partners to help them put safeguards in place to prevent academic dishonesty
  • Students are awarded a badge on completion which stays on their eLC profile—meaning they only need to complete the course once!

You can use the module to have a structured dialogue about the potential pitfalls under UGA’s academic honesty policy. Either guide the discussion yourself or invite student ambassadors from the academic honesty office to participate in leading the dialogue. Contact for more information.


Use this form to enroll your students!   Enrollment for the student module is closed and will reopen for the Spring semester.  Please use the discussion guides below to assist in Academic Integrity dialog with your students.  Thank you for your support.


Discussion Guide Resources

Academic Honesty Module Scenario 1      (PDF)

Academic Honesty Module Scenario 2  (PDF)

Terry College of Business Examples  (PDF)

STEM Examples (PDF)

Unauthorized Assistance Examples  (PDF)

Social Science Examples  (PDF)

Additional Resources    (PDF)