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Academic Integrity Modules on eLC

Do you want your students to know more about academic honesty? Do you want to re-engage with your students about academic integrity in your course(s)? Promoting academic integrity means more than simply preventing cheating. It also means educating students about attitudes and behaviors that foster and hurt academic communities of integrity.

To educate your students about academic integrity, you can incorporate a stand-alone eLC course module on Academic Honesty at UGA into your syllabus. We offer two modules — one for undergraduate students, and one geared towards graduate students. The modules are self-guided, can be completed by students on their own time, and can be assigned by instructors as homework and/or used for discussions in class. Completing the undergraduate module takes around 60 minutes; completing the graduate module takes 90-120 minutes. Upon completion, students are awarded a digital badge in eLC which stays on their eLC profile — meaning they only need to complete the module once!

The goals of the modules are:

  • Gauge students’ attitudes towards academic integrity
  • Educate students about the most common types of academic misconduct―Plagiarism, Unauthorized Assistance, Lying & Tampering, Theft―and how to avoid them
  • Quiz students on their understanding of UGA’s academic honesty policy
  • Help students reflect about their own moral reasoning and ethical decision-making regarding academic honesty, and that of others

The modules include:

  • Two questionnaires (a Pre-Course Self-Assessment and a Post-Assessment)
  • Definitions of the most common types of academic misconduct
  • Examples of prohibited conduct
  • Undergraduate: three videos depicting potential scenarios of academic misconduct in an undergraduate student's life + reflection questions
  • Graduate: Two real-world scenarios for each type of academic misconduct + reflection questions
  • Information about campus partners and resources that can help students avoid academic misconduct
  • A Personal Integrity Pledge

You can assign a module as homework and/or use it to initiate structured dialogue about the potential pitfalls under UGA’s academic honesty policy. Either guide the discussion yourself or invite student ambassadors from the Office of Academic Honesty to participate in leading the dialogue. Contact for more information.

How to access the modules:

The undergraduate module is available for students on eLC from Wednesday, February 1, through Friday, March 3, 2023 (instructors can review it at any time). The graduate module opens on Tuesday, January 17, and is available all semester long. The modules cannot be accessed via a weblink. It is necessary that we enroll students and instructors in the respective eLC course. Once enrolled, users can find the undergraduate module in their eLC under Academic Honesty Spring 2023, and the graduate module under Academic Honesty Graduate Spring 2023.

Use this form to request enrollment instructions for your Spring 2023 students! The deadline to send a request for enrollment is Sunday, January 22, 2023. Based on the indicated course number, we will enroll your students either in the undergraduate or graduate module. (Please only send one enrollment request, even if you want students from several classes enrolled.)

You can use the discussion guides below to engage in academic integrity dialogue with your students. Thank you for your commitment to academic integrity at UGA!


Discussion Guide Resources for Undergraduate Students: 

Academic Honesty Module Scenario 1 (PDF)

Academic Honesty Module Scenario 2 (PDF)

Terry College of Business Examples (PDF)

STEM Examples (PDF)

Unauthorized Assistance Examples (PDF)

Social Science Examples (PDF)

Additional Resources (PDF)


Discussion Guide Resources for Graduate Students:

Academic Honesty Scenarios (PDF)

General Discussion Questions (PDF)