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Academic Dismissal & Renewal

Academic Dismissal


   Appeal letter      Written plan for degree completion created with advisor 

   Documentation   Letters of support from faculty member(s)


Students on Academic Suspension or Academic Probation (after previously being on Academic Suspension or Academic Dismissal) are placed on Academic Dismissal at the end of any term of enrollment in which:

  • Their UGA Term GPA is less than a 2.25, and
  • Fail to complete the minimum 6 hours of coursework (3 hours summer).

Academic Dismissal from the University is for a duration of one calendar year. At the end of the Academic Dismissal duration, permission to return to the University can be granted only by appealing to the University Educational Affairs Committee.

To complete the appeal to return to UGA after Academic Dismissal, students should appeal to the Educational Affairs Petitions Subcommittee. 

  1. You should reengage with your Degree Completion Team (DCT) to formulate a success plan to present to the committee as part of your appeal. 
  2. Appeals are due approximately one month prior to the committee’s meeting date.  You should submit your appeal in ample time to hear back from the committee and complete other necessary steps prior to the beginning of the semester.
  3. If you change your major to one located in a different UGA School/College, you should contact the School/College representative (PDF) for your new major prior to completing your appeal.
  4. If your appeal is approved, upon your return, you are required to meet with your Degree Completion Team (DCT). You will be notified by UGA email of your required DCT meeting.  A registration hold is placed after drop/add and will be removed after your initial appointment with your Degree Completion Team. 

NOTE: If you have been away from UGA for a year or more, you must complete a former UGA Student reapplication  by the deadline and at least 2 weeks prior to semester you wish to return. If your appeal has been approved, you won’t be denied admission during the reapplication process; this is simply a way to update and reactivate your records. 

Academic Renewal


   Appeal letter     Academic Renewal Application (PDF)

   Letter of support from advisor 

Undergraduate students who have been readmitted after a minimum period of absence of five (5) calendar years or longer are eligible for an application for academic renewal. If approved, academic renewal creates a new grade point average to be used for determining academic standing. This policy allows a student who experienced academic difficulty to make a fresh start and have one final opportunity to earn a degree.

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to pursuing academic renewal and it is important for a student contemplating requesting renewal to consult with an academic advisor to determine if renewal would be a net advantage to the student.

Students who wish to apply for Academic Renewal must submit a written petition and Academic Renewal Application (PDF) to the Educational Affairs Committee through the Office of the Vice President for Instruction. This petition may be submitted at the time of readmission, but no later than the end of two semesters of re-enrollment or one calendar year following re-enrollment, whichever comes first.

See additional information on Academic Renewal.


**If you are appealing to return with a change in major, you may consider contacting UGA's Exploratory Center at for further advising assistance.