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Remediation to the Academic Record

Starting for cases related to the summer 2022 semester, the Office of Academic Honesty will facilitate a remediation program for students. Students are eligible for the remediation program if the following conditions are met: (1) they are currently enrolled as undergraduate students; (2) they have no prior violations; and (3) they acknowledge a violation in the Facilitated Discussion. Students have one year from the date of the Facilitated Discussion to complete the program. If the program is not completed, then the record may be disclosed in accordance with FERPA.

Students who complete the program will have their record retained by the Office of Academic Honesty in the event that a subsequent violation occurs; however, there will be no additional disclosure of the first violation to any party other than the student unless the university is served with a valid subpoena for the records, provided that the student does not have a subsequent violation. If a student that completed the program receives a subsequent violation, the non-disclosure is revoked and the student will meet with the Multiple Violations Review Board.