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Student Holds

A hold may be placed on a student's record for the following reasons:

Note: If a hold is placed on a student's record, the student will receive notification from the Office of Academic Honesty about the hold, its implications, and what steps they need to take to have the hold removed.

Failure to Schedule or Attend a Meeting

Once an incident is reported and reviewed by the Office of Academic Honesty, an emailed Notice of Alleged Academic Honesty Violation will be sent informing the student of the report. The first step in the university's resolution process is for the student and instructor to meet with an assigned facilitator with the goal of resolving this matter. Failure to schedule and/or attend the scheduled meeting will result in a hold being placed on the student's record until he/she attends the meeting.  The policy also provides that when a Continued Discussion is scheduled and either the student or the instructor has been notified of the meeting as required by the policy and fails to attend, the Panel may proceed to determine if a violation occurred and if so, establish a consequence. 

Failure to Complete Sanctions by an Assigned Deadline

After a student accepts responsibility for any alleged violation and agrees to sanctions, or is found responsible for the alleged academic honesty violation and is assigned sanctions by an Academic Honesty Panel or Multiple Violations Review Board, failure to complete the sanctions by the deadline could result in a hold being placed on a student's account. The policy also provides that if a student fails or refuses to comply with the requirements or consequences for a dishonesty violation, the Office of the Vice President for Instruction may convene an Academic Honesty Panel whose sole purpose shall be to determine if the student failed or refused to comply with the requirements or consequences assigned. If it is determined that the student did fail or refuse to comply, the panel may impose additional consequences deemed appropriate for the violation.

Suspension and Dismissal

When a student is suspended or dismissed from the university, as defined in the policy, a hold is placed on the student's record which prevents a student from registering for classes. 

A student who acknowledges a violation or is found in violation prior to the mid-point withdrawal deadline of the term and is suspended, dismissed, or expelled for the violation will be administratively withdrawn from the current term's courses. If the student acknowledges the violation or is found in violation after the midpoint of the term, the student will be allowed to complete the current term, after which the suspension, dismissal, or expulsion will go into effect. 


If a student is expelled from the university, a permanent hold will be placed on the student's record.