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For Instructors

Honesty is the best policy, and we hope you are considering integrity as the University of Georgia transitions to online courses. To help, here are 5 tips for you to consider:


Tip 1: Discuss Academic Honesty with your students

  • Remind students not to share their eLC login information with any outside parties
  • Set your expectations for each assignment before the assignment is due
  • For any other assignment, include what counts as honest work in the rubric
  • Have open lines of communication with your students and be accessible


Tip 2: Design assignments with integrity in mind

  • Writing assignments
    • Scaffold assignments to see how your student progress through the assignment
    • Use creative prompts that should lead to different answers between students
  • Exams & Quizzes
    • Have a set time in which the students can access the exam or quiz & set time limits
    • Create multiple versions of exams where possible and randomize questions & answers
    • Consider open book exams
    • Clarify what counts as collusion - for every assignment
  • Attendance
    • Consider asking questions strategically throughout the session instead of just taking attendance at the start of a session. You may try using a free polling software such as Poll Everywhere or Mentimeter
    • Find alternate ways to verify student participation


Tip 3: Consider adding an integrity statement to your assessments

  • At the start of online quizzes and exams, have the student state they agree to follow your course guidelines (working independently, without using online resources, etc.). Have students type out the statement to match what you have written to ensure they understand.
  • Before students turn in papers have them certify that the work is their own.


Tip 4: Offer some flexibility

  • Some students may have difficulty accessing online resources. Please be prepared to assist students that may be dialing in from remote locations.
  • If students need help verifying their circumstances, you may wish to connect them to Student Care & Outreach.


Tip 5: Report any suspected violations to the Office of Academic Honesty

 “A Culture of Honesty Earns a Degree of Respect” - every degree conferred by the University of Georgia should be attained through honest efforts. Even in trying times, students are accountable for their actions, and instructors have the responsibility to report suspected cases of academic honesty violations to the Office of Academic Honesty. If you suspect a violation, please fill out the online reporting form. The Facilitated Discussions can be held through Zoom VideoConference.